Ultrasound Cavitation- Non Surgical Fat Removal in Las Vegas

As the residents of Las Vegas, NV and nearby Henderson age, they often wonder about safe and effective fat reduction techniques. Ultrasound cavitation, in particular,  is one method we get asked about quite frequently. At Sinfully Beautiful, you can get non-surgical ultrasound liposuction, and it’s even available as a mobile service.

When you decide to try this non-invasive treatment for fat emulsification and cellulite reduction, you can expect:

  • Fat removal that yields long-term results
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Much less noticeable cellulite around problematic areas

The non-invasive treatment of stubborn fat deposits is something that so many of our clients crave, especially if they have a big event coming up and they want to look their best. Non-invasive fat removal is indeed possible, but so is non-surgical skin rejuvenation if that’s your primary concern.

How Does Ultrasound Cavitation Work, Las Vegas?

Maybe you’re wondering at this point how this revolutionary fat removal treatment works. It all has to do with a cosmetic procedure where our device emits low, focused ultrasound energy aimed at a particular body part. The aim is to fragment tissues with low fiber content.

You can basically equate it to an ultrasound probe that is also an aspirator device. When you combine the two effects, you’ve got a machine that can remove and disperse fat in a way that’s safe and non-invasive. This is almost always the optimal choice, rather than going with more invasive surgical fat removal treatments.

What About RF Skin Tightening Treatments?

Radio frequency skin tightening is also available at Sinfully Beautiful. This is an aesthetic technique where our trained technicians apply radio frequency energy to your body. They heat the skin with the purpose of cutaneous collagen stimulation.

They also stimulate elastin and cause hyaluronic acid production. When this happens, lines and wrinkles disappear, and loose skin tightens. You can apply this treatment to grooves and deep lines, and you’ll see a significant reduction.

These are the treatments you need to rejuvenate your skin and combat stubborn fat deposits that diet and exercise can’t touch. Let Sinfully Beautiful craft the new you who can approach any situation with total confidence!

After Just 3 Sessions

Pre and post procedure:

Hydrate both prior to the procedure and after, about two liters

No oils or lotions to the area being treated

All procedures are used in conjunction with an overall healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating healthy

Results will vary with individual

Ideally should be purchased as a package to obtain the best results